Terms & Conditions

1.The terms and conditions is a legally binding agreement between you personally and the entity.

2. To secure a booking, we require a deposit of 30% to 40 % which is negotiable depending on the specific quote for all orders over R2500. Orders below R2500 require full payment to secure booking. The payment of the balance should be made 7 days prior client pick-up date, at the latest.

3. No stock will be booked unless the deposit has been received.

3.1 EUCALUPTUS cannot be held liable for colour variations in products from images on the website or catalogue. Clients are advised to physically view the products.

4. Items will not allowed to be picked-up by the client if the outstanding balance is not settled.

5. The client is liable for any damages or losses at a replacement cost determined by EUCALUPTUS.

6. No alterations to orders will be accepted 14 calendar days prior to the hiring date. Any reductions will not be considered and no refund will be applicable.

7. Dishes, cutlery and glassware must be washed and placed in containers provided, failure will result in client being charged a washing fee determined by EUCALUPTUS.

8. Linen should be dry and placed in plastic bags, PLEASE DO NOT WASH THE LINEN. Linen that returns with non-removable stains, torn or burned, the client will be charged the full replacement cost of the linen.

9. All hired property of EUCALUPTUS, including furniture, linen, carpets and décor, must be stored in a safe and sheltered location, when not in use.

10. A 15% refundable surcharge will be levied and paid back when all goods are received back in good order. refer to line 4 & 7.

11. Items must be ready for collection in the same place and manner they were delivered; chairs must be stacked; cushions must be packed.

12. Flower petals and other stainable items are not allowed to be used on carpets and linen.

13. No deliveries or else it will be quoted and done separate if applicable

14. The rented equipment remains the property of EUCALUPTUS.

15. No refund of deposit if order is accepted and agreed.

16. Unless the equipment is checked and counted on return or on collection in the presence of a representative of the owner, who accepts the correctness as to the quantity and condition of the equipment, the owner's statement regarding the quantity and condition of the equipment collected shall be final and binding on the customer.

17.The customer shall use the equipment at own risk, and indemnifies the owner against any claim of any nature brought against it by the customer or any third party arising out of the use of the equipment.

18. Equipment rented to be returned on the Monday 16h00 after the weekend rented preceding this Monday.

19. Equipment rented during the week to be returned two working days after the rental date.

20. If for any event or function that we have to do traveling the first 50 Km’s will be for our account. The further Km’s and where applicable accommodation will be quoted and recovered from our client . km’s tariff as per the AA tariff.

21. Deposit on flowers 50% and colour variation could be slightly different on the day due to seasonal effect and availability on the day.